Collective message from Tamils on Heroes Day.

Collective message from Tamils on Heroes Day.
Collective message from Tamils on Heroes Day.

Collective message from Tamils on Heroes Day:

[TamilNet, Thursday, 28 November 2019, 07:59 GMT]
Thousands of people took part in Heroes Day amidst SL military intelligence trying to
‘discipline’ the students and the people from not attending the memorial event on Wednesday.
 The people were determined to proceed with the event despite showering heavy rains at
the grounds where Tamil war heroes (Maaveerar) lie buried in the occupied Tamil Eelam.
Self-mobilised grassroots organised the remembrance events. Alternative locations were
chosen for the war cemeteries (thuyilum-illam) grounds, which the occupying
SL military was continuing to use, in an uncivilised manner, as the grounds for their
 cantonments. Sinhala soldiers were seen snatching the photos from the parents who were on
 their way to the thuyilum-illam in Ampaa’rai. The SL Police also seized the loudspeaker
 and a vehicle used in the mobilisation for the commemoration of the Sea Tiger War Heroes
at Munai in Point-Pedro, Jaffna.

There were also reports of SL military entering the decorated ground in Mannaar and smashing
the temporary memorial structure.
A large number of SL police commandos were present at Theeruvil in Valveddith-thu’rai,
the alternative venue for E’l’ lang-ku’lam Maaveerar thuyilum-illam in Vadamaraadchi, Jaffna.

However, the SL military was primarily confining itself to the barracks.
Tamil political parties were also involved in organising the events and memorial events were
marked by almost all the civic councils.
Eezham Tamil university students resolutely lit the flame of sacrifice at the Maaveerar
memorial square located within the University premises despite SL military-intelligence
mooted ‘official ban’ by the Competent Authority of the University of Jaffna.
Around forty students courageously entered the premises violating the ban and lit
the flame of sacrifice sharply at 18:05.

It was the time when all people paid their tribute at or near all the war cemeteries in
the North-East, where more than 30,000 Tamil Heroes lie buried or had their “Hero Stones”
(nadu-kal) in the thuyilum illams.
The temporary memorial structures were put up with the remains of stones the people had
gathered from the razed burial grounds.

The thuyilum-illam song was played at all the locations.

The highly venerated song, only played at the specified time on Tamil Eelam Heroes Day,
expresses the Tamil resolve taking oath on three aspects in the
following order: the soul and breath of Tamils being the Language, which is to attain the
crown in future; the history of the Leader (V. Pirapaharan) guiding and shaping the path;
and the hypnosis of the Tiger Heroes who lie buried. The fourth line states:
“we will not succumb to the moral low-ground and will not waver from the struggle for
Tamil Eelam”. Tamil Eelam Heroes Day was also held with massive participation at
several cities across the world by the Tamil diaspora.

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